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Cocaine in MAERSK container ship with attached watchmen UPDATE MAERSK Statement
Team Sea and Coast | 07/07/2020

MAERSK sent to MB its authentic articulation with respect to cocaine bust on board of SVENDBORG MAERSK, which is given underneath.

Maersk can affirm that specialists at Manzanillo Terminal are directing an investigation after supposedly two stevedores were discovered covered up close by with opiates in a single holder onboard SVENDBORG MAERSK on July second, 2020. We are working together with the Mexican experts responsible for the case. As an issue of strategy, Maersk won't remark further while criminal investigations are continuous.

All through all parts of our vessel and shore tasks, Maersk is focused on leading our business in a mindful and legitimate way with deference for the more extensive financial, social and natural effects of our exercises. Maersk doesn't acknowledge unlawful cargo and we have rules set up to direct staff on screening and dealing with cargo appointments, to be aware of anything bizarre or dubious. We proactively work with specialists to moderate hazard and will collaborate transparently with applicable specialists during these investigations.

Mexican law requirement officials after hint looked through compartment transport SVENDBORG MAERSK on landing in Manzanillo Mexico, on Jul 2. Two bundles with 102.5 kilos of cocaine were found in the holder, no biggie these days, then again, actually there were two people in the compartment, clearly put in there to care for bundles. The boat showed up from Buenaventura Colombia, through Panama Canal, next port of call comprehended to be in Japan.

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