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Tauranga Port reinstates after log carrier loses power
Team Sea and Coast | 07/07/2020

In New Zealand the Port of Tauranga has reinstated after a log carrier Funing lost power at the way in to harbour.

On Monday 29th of June at around 7:00 pm UTC the Singapore-registered Funing suffered an engine failure and drifted to the edge of the channel at the base of Mauao as claimed by the Port of Tauranga. As a consequence the New Zealand port was closed due to traffic

The Port of Tauranga has reopened to shipping and the vessel is now anchored safely in deepwater outside the harbour

The port authorities quoted, “The Funing​’s propeller and rudder will be inspected by divers as the vessel is believed to have made contact with a marker buoy at the harbour entrance. Maritime NZ is investigating the incident and the Funing will not return to port until authorities give permission”.

The Funing is owned by China Navigation Co and run by Thome Ship Management, according to Equasis.