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British Ports welcome Targeted Relaxation
Team Sea and Coast | 05/07/2020

Targeted relaxation of the quarantine restrictions at the border has been welcomed by the British Ports Association. The Government now is making it public a list of ‘transit corridors’

with nations adjudged as low-risk in terms of covid-19 transmission which will provide much aid to certain port and passenger shipping routes.

France and Spain are amongst the nations in Europe with established ferry links to the UK. Whilst freight has continued to flow between Europe and the UK along these routes (and others), passenger numbers have been hit hard. Passenger net sales aid these critical supply routes and Government has required to step in on to assure minimum levels of service to beshield critical supply chains.

Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of the British Ports Association said,

“We are pleased that Government have opened up these corridors. This will help with the recovery of the tourism and maritime sectors. Ferry travel in particular is one of the safest modes for passenger travel as social distancing is far easier to maintain and use of public transport to the terminal is minimal.

Most international ferry journeys involve vehicles and include opportunities to social distance, both at ports and onboard ships. We have been discussing this with ministers and officials and are glad they feel that certain international travel options are now safe. Opening up these safe corridors also supports the economic resilience of critical supply chains that move freight on these same services.

Tourism is an important activity to ports as well as in coastal regions. These measures will also apply to other modes including recreational sailing and the cruise industry, which has been badly hit in recent months. The British Ports Association represents all the UK’s passenger ports and we have been in close contact with the UK Government.

We will continue to work constructively with Government on the safe reopening of passenger gateways, including the cruise industry. This won’t be rushed but the cruise sector certainly has experience implementing health control measures and will definitely return, when it is safe to do so. The UK has a great maritime tourist offer and we are excited that things are finally beginning to open up.”

Majority of the ports in the UK is represented by the British Ports Association including all the main passenger/ferry ports.