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US removes sanctions on four oil shippers
Team Sea and Coast | 04/07/2020

On July 2nd, the US Treasury Department removed more Greece-linked shippers and oil tankers from sanctions after indicating to end oil trading at Venezuelan ports. The removal applies to: Delos Voyager Shipping and its Panamanian-flagged Delos Voyager crude tanker; Adamant Maritime and its Bahamian-flagged Seahero crude tanker; Romina Maritime and its Liberian-flagged Euroforce crude tanker and Sanibel Ship trade and its Marshall Islands-flagged Voyager I crude tanker.

In mid-June, The Union of Greek Ship-owners pledged to stop commercial pursuit with Venezuela after oil tankers managed by Greek companies were blacklisted under US sanctions for facilitating the Latin American country’s oil exports. The group assured to cease trade with the country while the Maduro regime was in power.

In the past year the US government has promulgated repeated warnings that it would crack down on companies and ships aiding to facilitate Venezuelan oil exports and therefore pay for the Maduro regime, which it views as unlawful.