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Elbit Systems awarded a $53M Navy Contract
Team Sea and Coast | 03/07/2020

On Wednesday 1st July, Elbit Systems declared that they had been awarded with a contract valued at approximately $53 million to provide and amalgamate intelligence suites onboard Navy vessels in a Southeast Asian country. The contract will be performed over a biennial period.

Based on the contract, Elbit Systems will equip multiple vessels with suites that generate operational picture of the air, provide the capability to perform complex reconnaissance missions and surface and underwater domains.

Elbit Systems will provide and integrate all-in suites consisting of an array of systems including NATACS naval tactical communication intelligence systems and jamming capabilities, AES-212 electronic intelligence systems, M670 hull mounted sonars, SPECTRO XRTM electro-optical payloads, TRAPS towed reel-able active/passive sonars, underwater communication systems and combat management systems.

The company said that Elbit SY will also give out training services.