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Geo Plus Takes New Survey Vessel Delivery
Team Sea and Coast | 02/07/2020

After 14 months of constructing, repair-work, installing, commissioning and testing, Dutch shipbuilder Royal Niestern Sander has delivered the hydrographic survey vessel ‘Geo Ranger’ to Geo Plus.

Last month the vessel passed its sea trials on the river Ems soundly.

The DP2 Geo Ranger is 41 meters long, 8.7 meters wide. It is equipped with two high-class Azimuth stern thrusters and two bow thrusters (Veth). According to the shipbuilder this will result in high workability up to 2,5-meter significant wave height and 4+ weeks offshore endurance.

The ship was designed in partnership with Conoship International BV and will be rented out by Geo Plus to parties that execute research, such as dredging companies and companies that build and maintain offshore wind farms. 

The vessel, uses diesel/electric propulsion for low fuel consumption, heat recovery, LED lighting, and bio-degradable oil, and can accommodate up-to 21 people.