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Norway allows bareboat enrolment in the Norwegian ship registers.
Team Sea and Coast | 01/07/2020

Ship registration in Norway is becoming more adaptive and internationally competitive as an outcome The Norwegian Maritime Authority is content with this current change. A normative amendment will permit bareboat registration in and deregistration from the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS) and the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register (NOR).


The Minister of Trade and Industry, Iselin Nybø quoted, “We are continuously working on the conditions for the Norwegian maritime industry. The bareboat registration may increase the number of Norwegian ships flying the Norwegian flag and boost the employment of Norwegian seafarers. This will provide the industry with access to new markets and, at the same time, prevent permanent deregistration from Norwegian ship registers”.


The Director General of Shipping and Navigation, Lar Alvestad quoted, “The industry has desired this change, which is an important step for Norway to remain a competitive and attractive flag state”.


By allowing bareboat enrolment, the Government’s maritime strategy will persist. Bareboat is a customary form of hiring ships in international shipping, and the new rules and regulations can contribute to more ships being enrolled in the Norwegian ship registers and avert ships from flagging out. These days many ship registers in other countries permit for such registration. Permitting bareboat enrolment in Norway will further build-up the Norwegian flag and the Norwegian ship registers’ competitiveness.


The registration and deregistration from the Norwegian ship registers of bareboat charter might have a validity up-to a decade, even though this can be extended by 5 years at a time.

This plan will be assessed after 5 years.