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New Trade War Threatens as more Transatlantic Blankings made known
Team Sea and Coast | 30/06/2020

The service that deploys five vessels with an median capacity of 5,300 teu and has a rotation of Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Liverpool-New York-Savannah-Port Everglades-Savannah, was initially suspended from mid-June until mid-July.

Maersk assigned the new move to “continued market demand reductions in North America and Europe caused by the Covid-19 pandemic”. The service is now stemmed to be reinstated from Europe in the first week of September and in the States mid-month

Earlier last week Maersk said,”it would continue to review the demand picture and adjust deployed capacity as needed” while MSC said it was continuing with its “prudent approach to capacity management during the Covid-19 crises”.

Trade between Europe and the States is still very much uneventful in contrast to the main Asia-Europe and transpacific trade lanes where the carriers have seen an increase in demands in the recent weeks.

Despite the occurring impact of the pandemic on the transatlantic trade, ocean carriers are bracing themselves for a second hit from the threat of States imposing a raft of new tariffs on the import of European goods, part of a long-running quarrel over subsidies to aircraft manufacturer Airbus.