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Innovative Zero Emission Ferries Project: Belfast
Team Sea and Coast | 29/06/2020

The UK Government awarded a consortium Belfast-based companiesa £33 million innovation grant to develop new design for zero emission hydrofoil ferries. With further investment from partners, the total investment is in the ballpark of £60 million over the next four years.The project is proposing an electric hydrofoil propulsion system that will enable vessels to produce zero emissions during operation and operate with up to 90 percent less energy and.

The syndicate is being led by Artemis Technologies, a spin-off from the America’s Cup sailing team, Artemis Racing. Other members include Belfast Harbour and Bombardier, academia, and local public bodies. 

“Belfast’s local expertise coupled with the city’s rich shipbuilding heritage, and our own America’s Cup yacht design experience,” said Iain Percy, founder of Artemis Technologies, “will ensure Belfast is the global lead in zero emissions maritime technology.”

“For years, we’ve been designing low energy, high-performance solutions for some of the fastest yachts on the planet, and we will now utilize that knowledge, and along with our partners, apply it to build the world's most environmentally friendly high-speed ferries, capable of carrying up to 350 passengers.”